9 Kink-Inspired Indie Lingerie Brands

by Eliza Lahey

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Recently, I’ve been expanding my lingerie collection to include more kinky styles. Much of the lace and silk in my underwear drawer has been replaced with leather and latex. In the process, I’ve been reflecting on which brands have impacted me over the years, and which designers have developed kinkwear exciting enough to keep me coming back to explore their new collections.

Nowadays, there is a ton of lingerie on the market that draws subtle inspiration from kink culture, whether it’s strappy knickers or bras with attached collars. And while it’s awesome to see these styles trending, let’s not forget about the many incredible, independent designers creating lingerie that is more ouvert in its kinkspiration. Designers who are not shy about getting darker, dirtier, and thinking outside the vanilla box.

Why independent brands? I try to shop from mostly indie companies because I’ve found that, especially if you shop at a lower price point like I do, they generally have better quality products. Not to mention the innovative styles that come from indie designers. Plus, I like knowing my clothes are ethically made so that shopping can be a guilt-free indulgence!

Below are 9 independent lingerie brands with exciting, innovative, and kinky collections to add to your boudoir.

Filthy Dirty The Brand*

Filthy Dirty has a wide collection of kinky lingerie. While they make lingerie sets, the originality and playfulness of the brand really shines through in their harnesses. My personal favourite is the Aluminimum Face Harness* (who doesn’t need one of those?), but they also make harnesses with materials ranging from feathers* to fringe* to faux-leather*, and everything in-between. Filthy Dirty has an official website, but their Etsy store linked above has more designs to choose from.

Love Lorn Lingerie*

You might remember this brand from when I interviewed the designer, Jessica Ding, last year. Ding, who makes each piece by hand in her New York apartment, describes the brand as “at the crossroads between fashion and BDSM”.

From leather to metal to PVC, Love Lorn Lingerie uses all the best fetish materials. I’m obsessed with the Lavender Woven Leather Itsy Bitsy Bikini* and Garter Belt*—the soft purple colour makes these edgy fetish pieces appear deceivingly delicate. Meanwhile, her PVC collection is happily vegan. Of that collection, I particularly love the Halcyon PVC Waist Cincher Belt*, with its golden metal spikes.

As a bonus, Esty Lingerie readers get 18% off the official website with the code Esty2018!


APATICO is a favourite brand of mine. Whether you’re starring in a sexy photoshoot or gearing up for a kinky new scene, this brand has tons of designs to create a killer ambiance. Their headpieces are unlike any other on the market; whether you’re looking for deer antlers, bunny ears, or a studded metal crown, you’ll find a wide selection here. Kittens will even be pleased to find a headpiece complete with whiskers.

They have a large assortment of harnesses as well, from ones with delicate satin ribbon to domineering black hoods. And many of the products are available in your choice of leather, faux leather, or PVC.

Elissa Poppy*

Latex lovers, rejoice! Elissa Poppy continues to redefine what latex clothing can look like. Each of their designs is as original as it is enticing, from the show-stopping Corset Stockings*, to the latex lace of the Theia Basque*, to the strappy black Hecate Bra*. My favourite aspect of Elissa Poppy designs is the use of satin ribbon, reminiscent of a lace-up corset – a brilliant touch. For the widest product selection, check out the official website.

Zana Bayne

Zana Bayne is incredible for both their lingerie and their accessories. Most notable is their ability to combine leather and metal in gorgeous, unique ways. The Heartbreaker Belted Skirt, with alternating layers of leather and metal chains, is a perfect example of that.  One of my favourites of their designs is the Thigh High Cut-Out Bootstraps. Pair them with the shiny Bowery Dress, with its silver side buckles, for a killer look.

Flash You and Me*

Flash You and Me has a wonderfully expansive collection of bondage-inspired lingerie. From the full-body Alivia Playsuit* to ankle* and wrist cuffs*, these accessories are made of soft fabric that feels great against the skin and is easy to slip on. Unlike leather and latex, which require upkeep and can be uncomfortable to wear in hot weather, Flash You and Me designs are breathable, easy to move in, and don’t require much except occasional washing by hand. A great brand to check out for someone looking to buy their first kinky lingerie.

Fleet Ilya

Truly the masters of erotic leather, Fleet Ilya boasts an impressive range of fetish-based designs. They have a variety of restraints, collars, and cuffs in rich brown, red, and black leather, not to mention the belts and corsets. The stunning padlock thong is particularly notable. If you’re on the prowl for something animalistic, check out the Kitty Headband or the Studded Skull Fox Mask.

Rapture of Senses

Rapture of Senses’ designs are edgy and sexy – plus, they sell matching harness sets! The studded M Bra and Harness steal the show with with their combined leather and metal.

While leather is a classic staple of fetish wear, in recent years there has been a higher demand for vegan-friendly leather. One of the reasons Rapture of Senses is such an impressive brand is the designer’s use of both animal and synthetic leathers. Perfect for animal-conscious kinksters!


This list would be incomplete without Creepyyeha. Designer Yeha Leung uses vinyl, leather, and metal hardware to create exceptionally high-quality lingerie. Her styles are diverse, but they all blend fetish with fashion. Satin elastic designs like the Liow Bra, Jalyne Garter Belt and Ravish Me set I previously reviewed spectacularly frame the body, while chokers like Ceilidh and Yaris are perfect for pony play with their long, hanging chains. Leather gloves, available in a selection of colors, complete any kinky look. If you don’t have Creepyyeha in your closet, you’re missing out!

There are so many incredible kinky designers out there. Which of the brands mentioned here is your favourite? Which brands do you think should have made the list?

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