Elyse On Mars: Handmade, Hand-Dyed Lingerie Up to a 10XL

by Estelle Puleston

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As someone who works day-in, day-out in the lingerie industry, I see a lot of underwear that looks very much the same. But part of the reason I stay so interested is that about once a year or so, I’ll stumble across an independent brand that’s just so utterly and refreshingly different, and I think I’ve just found my personal highlight of 2022: Elyse On Mars*.

Created by Elyse Mathes and based in Victoria, Canada, it’s a handmade lingerie brand with a body positive and sustainable focus. The fabrics used are a mix of locally-purchased, thrifted, and second hand ones – the designer is even open to receiving fabric donations in exchange for a 30% discount – and are dyed by hand. Mathes has also come up with the most fantastic way to turn fabric scraps into something useful, a collection of colourful, patchworked pieces where “no two garments will be identical”.

There’s also a high level of customisability to Mathes’ work. The ‘Patchy’ bodysuit for example can be optionally be made with a lining at the bust, increasing its lingerie-as-outerwear potential, as well as with your choice of thong or full coverage back. Custom colours can be discussed too!

Customisation possibilities also extend to the fit, with all shapes, sizes and genders catered to (though certain adjustments may require an additional fee, if there’s extra work involved in creating the garment). And while the Elyse On Mars Etsy store doesn’t include all of her available sizes, there are more available via her website. There, standard size options vary between garments, but are as extensive as XXS-10XL.

Most of all though, what I love about this lingerie brand is just how delightfully fun it feels. I mean, you can’t not love an embroidery that’s titled Frisky Noodles, can you?

Which of these Elyse On Mars pieces is your favourite? I’m definitely team Patchy!

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