Loungewear I Love: Voluminous Nightgowns by Bohemian Soul Lingerie

by Estelle Puleston

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Today’s image-heavy post is brought to you by my COVID booster jab-induced desire to do nothing but lie down and nap on the sofa all day. I had another, longer article topic in the plan for today, but I’m feeling pretty lethargic – which is what brought these nightgowns to mind, because they are exactly what I wish I were wearing right now.

Handmade in Málaga, Spain by Bohemian Soul Lingerie*, these pieces have some of the most fabric I’ve ever seen on a nightwear garment. Just metre upon metre of fluid lace, chiffon or cotton voile that drapes down to the ground and puddles around your feet. The silhouettes are simple enough, but the sheer generosity with which the fabrics envelop the body creates a sense of the most luxurious excess, even in ‘basic’ plain cotton. And they look so comfortable. Lounging in one of these must feel like donning a wearable bedsheet, only way more stylish!

These aren’t the only ultra-voluminous nightgowns I’ve seen. US-based Sarafina Dreams* is another handmade brand with a very similar aesthetic, and has been around for longer, but as a European who’s loathe to pay Spain’s high import fees, it’s Bohemian Soul Lingerie that I personally have my eye on. Both brands are worth a look.

Bonus! An equally-voluminous satin robe to wear over your full-sweep nightgown in cooler weather:

Naturally, the sizing on these nightgowns or lounge dresses – whatever you want to call them – is going to be exceptionally flexible, but it’s also helpful that they come in a wide size offering (34-48″ bust measurements) and can be custom-made for you at no additional cost if you fall outside that size range. Even better, you can choose the exact length too so you can find one that makes you look like you’re elegantly swimming in fabric, not drowning in it.

Maybe I’ll treat myself to one of these pieces for my birthday this summer. It’s just a shame I have no beautiful garden terrace to wear it on while I siesta!

What do you think of these billowing, voluminous nightgown designs? Which one’s your favourite?

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AJ January 26, 2023 - 7:56 pm


I have a fair few of Bea’s nightgowns and robes – absolutely adore them! They are sooooo comfortable and soft. Her silk and satin ones are very fluid and are a joy to waft around in.

My nightgowns are similar to the first photo but have off-shoulder flutter sleeves instead (most of mine are tailored) – https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1057931907/100-cotton-nightgown-romantic-cotton – with extra satin trim and longer length (nightgown and sleeves). I can’t get enough of them!

Do order a couple of nightgowns and robes so you can mix and match!