Lingerie Review: Rosamosario Lace Bodysuit

by Estelle Puleston

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A slightly different kind of review today. Normally, I wouldn’t review something I’ve decided not to keep. I feel like you need to wear and wash a garment at least a few times before you can properly judge it. But ever so occasionally, I’ll get my hands very briefly on a piece of lingerie that is so special I want to write about it anyway, as was the case with my first ever Agent Provocateur Soirée purchase. So just bear that in mind that my opinion here is based on first impressions alone.

This bodysuit is from Rosamosario’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, though they currently have two similar products available. One is the Matrimonio All’Italiana bodysuit, a wired-cup piece with sheer mesh back and sides. There’s also the Jumeirah Crystals bodysuit which has the same, soft-cupped construction as the one I bought, but which is richly-encrusted with crystal beading. With those pieces retailing for 580€ and 1,080€ respectively, can you imagine my delight when I saw this one on clearance at Yoox for just £33*? (And it’s currently reduced further to £29 until the 29th!)

I’ll be honest, the design of this piece is not really my style. To me, it looks super vintage-y, both in shape and colour (it appears cream, beige or blush pink depending on the lighting). Mostly, I just bought it out of curiosity – it’s not every day a girl like me can afford lingerie by a brand that lists Kate Moss, Madonna and Rihanna amongst its clientele. But I was still hoping I’d be able to wear it.

Unfortunately, this bodysuit is clearly made for someone much taller than myself. I bought a size XS (UK 6-8 according to Rosamosario’s size chart) and it just wrinkles all over on me. Like, a lot. The cups especially were baggy, even with the straps shortened all the way in an attempt to pull them flat. So, yeah, this really needs to be worn on a taller body to get the whole thing lying taut and smooth. I’m 5’3 by the way. If you’re someone who struggles to find bodysuits that are long enough in the torso, you definitely shouldn’t have that issue here!

Otherwise, I was pretty impressed by the construction. The lace is entirely backed by sheer mesh, for strength and to avoid irritating the skin. And everywhere there’s a seam, including inside the cups, it has been completely enclosed by a strip of fabric sewn over the top. The zipper end and points where the straps join the back of the bodysuit are also topped with a little fabric ‘cushion’, albeit a little messily sewn at the straps. Clearly though, Rosamosario has made an effort to ensure this bodysuit is as comfortable to wear as possible. All of these details are time-consuming to add – you certainly won’t find them on a cheap or even mid-priced garment.

I don’t know how much this bodysuit retailed for – Yoox ‘before’ prices are not the original RRP – but based on similar Rosamosario designs, I’m going to put it at somewhere between 400€ and 600€. Brands such as Amoralle have bodysuits in that price range that are far more interesting to look at, but in my experience at least, the quality doesn’t match up to the price tag. Here, I was a little surprised to see a very cheap-looking, printed fabric content label inside, but otherwise it is beautifully made. Some brands simply look luxurious, Rosamosario truly is.

If you’re planning a purchase direct from Rosamosario and my review has left you worried about the fit, it’s worth noting that they do offer a made-to-measure service. But if you’re shopping on a much smaller budget then, provided you have a long torso, this is an incredible deal for £29! You can get it here* where only a few pieces remain in sizes XS and S.

What matters most to you when shopping for lingerie – looks, or construction quality? Are hidden details like the covered seams and strap ends here features you’d be willing to pay more for?

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Tatyana June 28, 2018 - 9:33 am

Thank you for review, Estelle! Ordered one and can’t wait to get it!

Estelle Puleston June 28, 2018 - 6:05 pm

I hope you love it! And that it fits you much better than it fit me 🙂

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