Bra Styles for Different Breast Shapes

by Hayley

Breast shape is a contributor to bra fit that is not often considered, but each breast shape fills out all bra styles differently.


After a breast augmentation, one can wear nearly any bra style without worrying about a compromised shape.

Best bras for augmented breasts

  • A bandeau is a type of soft, wrap-around, strapless bra that those with most other breast shapes feel uncomfortable wearing.
  • An adhesive bra is perfect for strapless dresses to conceal nipples and give very slight support.
  • A strapless bra works for tube tops.
  • Going braless will work, as augmented breasts rarely droop.


If a woman has close-set breasts, she is likely to have issues with gores being too wide and not sitting flat against her sternum.

Best bras for close-set breasts

  • A bra with a very narrow or very low center gore will work well.
  • You can narrow a center gore yourself by altering an existing bra.

Worst bras for close-set breasts

  • Full-cup bras typically have wider center gores.
  • Any bra with a wide center gore, regardless of cut, will not tack.


Full breasts are round and equally full everywhere. A woman with full breasts may struggle with “quad-boob”, even when she has a bra that properly fits. Bras can cause spill-over in full breasted women by cutting into the breast tissue.

Best bras for full breasts

  • A demi-cup bra is low cut to avoid quad-boob effect.
  • A balconette bra has a square neckline that falls mid-breast.
  • A full-cup bra covers the full breast and will avoid cutting across the fullest part.
  • A bra with an elastic top can make the shape appear more streamlined.

Worst bras for full breasts

  • A bra that cuts across the fullest part of the breast will create quad-boob.


Breasts are pear-shaped if they’re fuller on the bottom half, and if nipples are slightly pointing downward.

Best bras for pear-shaped breasts

  • A molded-cup bra will shape and lift the breast.
  • A padded bra can enhance breast size and reduce the appearance of sagging by making the breasts appear fuller.
  • A padded t-shirt bra is soft and has full coverage, giving breasts a more firm appearance.

Worst bras for pear-shaped breasts

  • A full-cup bra will not be filled out by one’s shape at the top, and it will gape.
  • A balconette bra may not make breasts look as perky and attractive as desired, as they’re not super firm.


Pointed breasts have a sloping shape at the top, as well as pointy nipples, so they need extra help in order to retain a rounded shape.

Best bras for pointed breasts

  • A molded-cup, t-shirt bra will reduce nipple show and round out the shape.
  • A padded bra can encourage a rounder shape.
  • A padded, push-up bra pushes breasts up and together.

Worst bras for pointed breasts

  • A plunge bra will simply make breasts fall forward and out of the bra.


If a woman’s breast tissue is very spread out all over her chest, without having a lot of projection, she is shallow-shaped. This often occurs in smaller cup sizes from A-DD, but has also been observed in larger cup sizes as well. With this shape, one might not feel the need to wear a bra. Options differ depending on whether a woman wants to avoid nipple chafing or to appear larger.

Best bras for shallow breasts

  • Shallow-shaped breasts need bras that are very open on top.
  • Many padded and some unpadded half-cup bras work well.
  • A padded bra can enhance size while looking natural.
  • A bandeau has simple coverage to avoid nipple chafing.
  • A shaped camisole works well to avoid both constriction and nipple chafing.

Worst bras for shallow breasts

  • A push-up bra will make breasts look unnaturally enhanced, which may not be a look you want.
  • Plunges often have a very closed rim that will cut in on many women with this shape.
  • Unpadded, three-quarter cup bras with narrow wires and deep cups will fit poorly.


Wide-set breasts have a natural middle gap that is narrower at the top than the bottom.

Best bras for wide-set breasts

  • A balconette bra will lift and round-out the shape of the breasts.
  • A padded or unpadded plunge bra will bring the breasts to the center of the chest.
  • A padded, molded-cup bra will fit one’s breasts into a specific shape.
  • A push-up bra pushes breasts upward and together.
  • A padded push-up bra will give breasts an ideal shape, as well as push them up and together.

Worst bras for wide-set breasts

  • A bra that simply pushes one’s breasts together might look too “forced”.


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