Interview & Giveaway With Vanessa Villarreal from Alexandrea Anissa

by Estelle Puleston

Alexandrea Anissa is a brand I’ve been following on Facebook almost since it launched, so I was thrilled when owner Vanessa agreed to be interviewed for the Esty Lingerie blog. She’s also giving away a US$50 gift voucher – details of how to enter are at the end of this post (don’t forget to enter Mina Confidants and Esty Lingerie harness giveaways too!)

Vanessa says she’s influenced by popular indie brand Hopeless Lingerie and I think it definitely shows in both her design aesthetic and the candid photography style of her lookbooks – occasionally when something shows up in my Facebook feed I think it’s Hopeless for a moment! But her brand is also unique in it’s own right too, being an unusual combination of edgy and girly with lots of strappy details placed against vibrant pink and purple florals, and pretty lace pieces featuring subtle gothic elements.

I spoke to Vanessa to find out more about where she gets her inspiration from, and how exactly she goes about designing and producing a new garment…



23 year old designer Vanessa Villarreal

When did Alexandrea Anissa launch and what’s the story behind the name?
I launched Alexandrea Anissa in Sept 2013. The name came from an actual girl named Alexandrea Anissa. I instantly fell in love with her style/ persona on Myspace when I was 15 or 16 and decided I would name my future line after her.


What drew you to lingerie design specifically?
Lingerie design just kind of grew on me. When I was younger I wanted to design womenswear and create beautiful gowns, but as I got older I wanted to design pieces that were shorter in the hem, daring and a bit more playful. I try to make my miseries little treasures that other girls can cherish forever. I hope that my garments make woman and girls feel beautiful, sexy and confident. I have always struggled with confidence within myself so I guess I embrace it in my designs.
Tell us about how you design a garment from start to finish – where do you get your inspiration and how long is the design process?
I typically stumble across inspiration whether it be a photograph, muse, color palette or fabric swatch. I brainstorm ideas, thoughts and emotions from my inspiration and start depicting designs/ style lines. After I roughly illustrate a few ideas I start draping or sampling my designs and go from there.
A lot of times I have to alter my design because of the sewing construction or sequence. Eventually after a few samples I will have a finished product ready to photograph. Everything is trial and error. My design process ranges from time to time. Usually when I start on a new collection I’ll email Miss Hana Haley (my photographer since day one) and let her know what I am thinking, share my inspirations and we set up a shoot date. I then work off whatever time I have until the shoot and do my very best to produce a consistent collection.
Which pieces are your bestsellers and why do you think they’re so successful?
My current best sellers are from my Ramona and Sheena collections ranging from the bras to the panties. And my ultimate top seller is the Fawn bralette. I believe these are so successful because of how much thought was put into the design process and photoshoot theme. The more work you put into something the more you’ll get out of it.


Are there any designers, lingerie or otherwise, who inspire you?
Absolutely! Gaby from Hopeless Lingerie is a huge inspiration. I been following her for a few years now and it’s absolutely amazing to see her create a successful, well-known brand from her home. Everything she creates just gets more and more amazing. I especially love the newest pieces she has been releasing the past couple months – absolutely breathtaking!
Finally, what can we expect to see from Alexandrea Anissa next season and next year?
Well for the next season you can expect my brand’s very first birthday, a few new lookbooks and stocklists to a few well-known retailers. Within the next year I hope to bring Alexandrea Anissa to a whole new level by recreating my FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) portfolio. I would like to push myself a little further to see what I can really create.

Want to win a US$50 gift voucher to spend on Alexandrea Anissa lingerie? Leave a comment explaining why you love Vanessa’s designs. Then click the link below to record your entry via Rafflecopter so that it is counted – there are also ways to gain bonus entries that you can do afterwards.

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Amber August 14, 2018 - 8:44 pm

I love the fun prints and strappy designs!

Justine August 14, 2018 - 10:02 pm

I love the style and print. So beautiful.

Kat August 14, 2018 - 10:31 pm

I love the mix between the straight lines and flower/girly prints and details. It’s a perfect match with my own style. 🙂

M\E9lissa August 14, 2018 - 10:39 pm

I love everything. The fabrics, the design. Perfect lingerie.

Aimee August 14, 2018 - 10:59 pm

I love her collections because it’s very current but unique in it’s own way! There is nothing better then a beautiful piece on a girls body, and she perfectly does that in her designs.

Haley August 14, 2018 - 11:02 pm

I love the classic shapes with a twist. There’s just enough retro class with modern sex appeal and bondage inspiration!

Jessica August 14, 2018 - 11:14 pm

I love her designs because I feel like they would do exactly what she wants them to do – make me feel sexy and confident.

Kit Skailes August 14, 2018 - 11:19 pm

I love the fact that Alexandrea’s passion for lingerie and her work is so visible in everything she does! And as a former photography student, she reminds me why I love photography with her amazing look books x

Olivia August 14, 2018 - 11:28 pm

I love this lingerie so so so so much. All the colors and straps are my taste. And i love how it’s made for mine and alot of others body types n.n id probaly sell my organs to own all the stuff she makes

Sasha August 14, 2018 - 11:30 pm

I love your lingerie so much! Ive just recently been getting into it myself now that I accept my small boobs lol I feel like your pieces are so stunning anything lace of yours just goes straight to my heart and the frances bra UGH I die for! ? I love following you on instagram and seeing all the new work you’re up to 🙂

Rachel August 14, 2018 - 11:44 pm

Simple yet sexy!

Lorilee Lucas August 14, 2018 - 11:55 pm

I love Vanessa’s designs because they are adorably sexy. She’s mastered the art of juxtaposing design elements. I love her attitude, passion and fearlessness in pursuing her dream.

Alexa Ober August 14, 2019 - 12:18 am

Vanessa’s designs for Alexandrea Anissa are not only unique, but they are everything a girl is meant to be: cute and sexy. Not only are her designs superb, but she seems to be an individual. I can say “I’ve never seen anyone like her” proudly, we need more individualist in the world. Someone who isn’t afraid to step into the spotlight and bring creative new things into this world. Thank you Vanessa.

Eryn August 14, 2019 - 12:26 am

I love how the photos in the lookbooks look like everyday people hanging out in awesome lingerie 🙂

Heather H August 14, 2019 - 12:29 am

I love her mix of textures!! They look cute with a mixture of sexy! They look like they would look good on anyone’s body, which is hard to find.

Alyssa August 14, 2019 - 12:31 am

I love Alexandrea Anissa work, fun and playful patterns. Wearing her items make me feel confident. I love it.

Shelby August 14, 2019 - 12:32 am

I love the design, the clean lines of the lingerie and how beautiful it looks on the curves of a body. And the photoshoot for the Ramona collection is gorgeous!!

Mackenzie August 14, 2019 - 1:12 am

Vanessa is an inspiration to me. I’ve been following her for a while and absolutely love everything she does. Vanessa really nows how to bring your feminine side and your naughty side together and make it look elegant and beautiful.

Teagan August 14, 2019 - 2:01 am

Her stuff is absolutely beautiful, classy, and sexy! Your style is so creative! I recently bought $165 of items for my girlfriend and I chose this place over many others! I love that you have a wide array of sizes and it’s not one size fits all and you have a very specific size chart! Makes it easy to know what to buy and so does her fantastic photos of her products and the models really show how great they look on someone! Also helping someone’s dream come true and not giving my money to a monopolizing company is great!

Shari August 14, 2019 - 2:21 am

I love the aesthetic of Vanessa’s designs – playful, sexy yet sweet. When I see her lookbooks, the women look beautiful and confident in everything. Every woman needs that in her life 😉

Tracey August 14, 2019 - 2:30 am

I love that sexy-but-playful attitude her designs convey, and how the designs make that feeling accessible and flattering to any woman, regardless of shape or size! 🙂

Amy August 14, 2019 - 3:16 am

I really love the little bows as they are super, super cute and placed wonderfully (Bows are my favorite things on clothing and lingerie!!)! Her lingerie is really cute, and I adore the lace.

Laura bean August 14, 2019 - 3:52 am

I love the unique designs

Kylie Madry August 14, 2019 - 4:14 am

Her lingerie is both edgy and cute. Love it!

Elizabeth Morris August 14, 2019 - 4:58 am

I love Alexandrea Anissa’s work because it looks phenomenal on my body type and because there’s always the most beautiful mesh.

Mae August 14, 2019 - 6:57 am

Her designs are simple but sexy!

Charlotte August 14, 2019 - 7:15 am

Gorgeous! I’ve admired this brand for a while now. I love the harsh yet feminine aesthetic; dark mesh blended with floral cotton. I’d describe it more as punk than goth though.

Pauline August 14, 2019 - 9:50 am

Amazing designs, I’m glad to follow her work for already one year!

Celina August 14, 2019 - 1:51 pm

I admire her because her designs are different, beautiful and compliments a womans curves. Wearing a piece from her would give me alot of confidence!

Cassandra M August 14, 2019 - 3:31 pm

I love every single design, they’re unique, beautiful and would encourage nothing but confidence and love for any womans shape and size, i love love love lace and bows and everything pretty!

Fia R August 14, 2019 - 5:35 pm

I love her sheer and strappy designs — there’s something punk rock to it, but also very cute.

Bev August 14, 2019 - 8:26 pm

I love the print, and the contrast between the satin fabrics and the sheers fabrics. The combination provides a sexy look and even better feel!x

Jacqueline Giancaspro August 14, 2019 - 11:33 pm

I Vanessa’s designs because they always manage to strike the perfect balance between sweet and sexy! It’s also only in the last few years that I’ve started to accept, embrace and love my own body and sexiness(entering my late 20s; better late than never ^_<), and I feel I can attribute a lot of that to all of the wonderful and boldly fearless and feminine lingerie and fetish designers out there. Thank you for helping all women to express and nurture this part of ourselves! <3 Xoxo, Jacq

Mary August 14, 2020 - 8:11 pm

The designs look comfortable and cute.

Jacq August 14, 2020 - 9:38 pm

P.s. … It’s also pretty cool that you’re based in the US! Lately it seems like 99% of my favorite designers from abroad. =)

Michelle Chen August 14, 2020 - 9:58 pm

i love the sheer and lace styles. Its super sexy and chic

Hayley Thorncraft August 14, 2020 - 10:34 pm

They look outrageously sexy and yet incredibly comfy all at the same time. Yes please!!

Jace August 14, 2020 - 11:26 pm

Her designs are very beautiful!

Ravyn August 14, 2020 - 11:29 pm

I’ve been a fan of yours ever since I stumbled across one of you pieces on tumblr! You’re doing such amazing work and can’t wait to snag a few of your pieces for some upcoming photo shoots!

SC Scott August 14, 2021 - 12:02 am

I love the soft sensuality meets S&M vibe of these pieces 🙂

Corinne August 14, 2021 - 12:04 am

I love how unique the lingerie is, you can’t find it anywhere else. I love every style of them; strappy, mesh, lace and flower printed.

E Kay August 14, 2021 - 7:28 am

I like the girly styles

Vicky August 14, 2021 - 11:19 pm

I’m completely in love with your designs, and the way you market them too. I want to buy it all!

Cristina Vargas August 14, 2022 - 12:32 am

Vanessa’s designs embody what every woman should aspire to be- daring and darling. Once worn, any woman can transform into the alpha female they desire to be leaving all worries behind.

Marta August 14, 2022 - 2:23 am

I am deeply in love with the style

Nicolette August 14, 2022 - 3:50 am

Everything is amazing! I want it all

Anna H. August 14, 2023 - 2:08 am

Her designs look sexy and gorgeous!

No\EBlle Steegs August 14, 2023 - 1:18 pm

I adore the light bondage & fetish feel of the designs.

India August 14, 2023 - 7:51 pm

I adore the feminine designs with an edgy twist 🙂

Joslyn B August 14, 2023 - 8:43 pm

I have been following Alexandria Anissa for awhile, I have always loved the unique designs in her lines and seeing the process from sketch to reality on instagram. Will always remain a fan of her work and her as a person in general. Much love!??

Samantha k. August 14, 2023 - 9:25 pm

I love how unique the lingerie is!

LeSoleil August 14, 2024 - 7:40 pm

I love all her work <3, she has a unique style! Sexy, femenine and unique <3

Angel August 14, 2024 - 9:09 pm

LOVE your designs! They’re inspiring, cute and sexy too <3

Olivia August 14, 2025 - 2:42 am

Anxiously waiting and counting down the minutes until this is over. Ive ebtered every giveaway Alexandria has done because im broke and love everything so so much good luck all of you x

Cassie Wardle August 14, 2025 - 8:58 am

I am so excited for this! Your designs are phenomenal

Andrea August 14, 2025 - 3:48 pm

The clean, modern lines suit me perfectly!