Lingerie for Bohemians: Supernova by Solstice Intimates

by Eliza Lahey

Solstice Intimates is an independent, American lingerie brand based in Arizona. Bright and whimsical, it brings deliciously retro patterns to contemporary lingerie styles. Thanks to their unique designs and their prominent use of velvet, I’ve been a fan of Solstice for a while.

As they say on their website, their inspiration comes from “dirty desert roads, breakfast in bed, conversations that go on all night, fireworks in the night sky, truck stop diners…”. This free-spirited mindset comes across in their designs, which are reminiscent of the era of free love and bohemian fashion. Whether it’s bodysuits or bralettes, Solstice will have you feeling like a modern-day flower child.

Like past collections, Supernova capitalises on brilliantly-coloured patterns and lines, as well as ruffles and fringe. It features velvet, lace, and mesh fabrics in a wide range of styles, from high-waisted briefs to thongs, bodysuits, and tap shorts.

Shimmy Shorties, $150 (~£119 / ~132€)

Flame Star Bodysuit, $175 (~£138 / ~154€)

Lace Nighty Set, $160 (~£126 / ~141€)

While Solstice Intimates designs a range of styles, they really shine for their bodysuits. My personal favourite piece from Supernova is the Gisele Bootystrap Bodysuit. As the name implies, it includes a cheeky harness around the back. The strip of cheetah-print fabric down the middle, flanked by mesh on either side, gives this bodysuit a sexy flare.

Meanwhile, the Bewitched Bodysuit is cheeky and fun. Lacey ruffles down the back are a fun surprise – I wasn’t expecting that as I scrolled through this collection! But Solstice does an excellent job of being at once playful and coy; from the front of this bodysuit, you can’t tell what’s peeking out of the thong at the back.

Bewitched Bodysuit, $175 (~£138 / ~154€)

Gisele Bootystrap Bodysuit, $140 (~£111 / ~123€)

Sundance Sleeper Set, $150 (~£119 / ~132€)

Dawn Tap Set, $185 (~£146 / ~163€)

The Shimmy Shorties are adorable in all their fringed and floral glory. “Shorties” sums up well what they are: not exactly shorts, not exactly briefs. The zipper down the front adds a finishing touch. I’d love to see these paired with some fishnet tights.

The Velvet Zip Front Shorties and Velvet Zip Front Cheeky Shorties are similar in style, though without fringe. I absolutely love the velvet-mesh combination. Plus, the colour selection is amazing; you can snag these styles in nine different colourways.

The Supernova collection also includes pyjamas in the form of their Lace Nighty Set. The Sundance Sleeper, Cosmo Sleeper, and – my personal favorite – Blackthorn Sleeper sets would make lovely pyjamas too, and also be perfect for day-wear or outerwear. Any of the brand’s high-waisted velvet and cotton panties – like the Flower Child or Royal Loungers – also look equally comfortable for sleeping.

Gwen Bootystrap Bodysuit, $160 (~£126 / ~141€)

Velvet Zip Front Cheeky Shorties, $95 (~£75 / ~83€)

Velvet Zip Front Shorties, $95 (~£75 / ~83€)

A recurring theme among the Supernova pieces is zippers: you’ll find them on briefs throughout the collection. I like this element – they add whimsy and playfulness to the briefs. However, I do wonder how comfortable they are to wear under trousers. I imagine that especially under jeans, layering zippers on top of one other could feel awkward.

In addition to zippers, stripes also run throughout this collection. While some of these patterns are printed on, many pieces, like the Flame Star Bodysuit and Mercury Set, feature different panels of fabric actually sewn together to create the stripes – which surely makes their creation time-consuming!

Cosmic Set, $150 (~£119 / ~132€)

Printed Cotton Cheeky Underwear, $60 (~£47 / ~53€)

Plunge Back Printed Cotton Onesie, $95 (~£75 / ~83€)

Products come in sizes Small through XL. Luckily for bigger busts, you can request that the bust be made a different size from the body on bodysuits. Or, if you get a set, you can get the bralette sized differently from the briefs.

Plus, Solstice Intimates has perhaps the best size chart I’ve ever seen. It includes a cup size conversion chart, which is extremely helpful for people with bigger busts to avoid the complicated “is this E-cup actually a DD or a DDD?” fit question, which I constantly have to ask myself when buying products online. You can input your exact measurements and the conversion chart will also tell you what size to buy in each of their products.

The Supernova collection is available to buy now on the Solstice Intimates website.

Antoinette Set, $160 (~£126 / ~141€)

Celestial Set, $150 (~£119 / ~132€)

Velvet Deep-V Harness Bodysuit, $145 (~£115 / ~127€)

Blackthorn Sleeper Set, $160 (~£126 / ~141€)

Do you like this brightly-coloured, vintage-inspired look? What do you think of the Supernova collection compared to previous Solstice Intimates products? Comment to let us know!

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