Aristocratic Seduction: Amoralle’s New ‘Lingerie or Eveningwear?’ Collection

by Eleanor Wiseman

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Since 2008, Amoralle* have been producing luxurious, high-end lingerie designs out of Latvia. In the lingerie blogging community they are most likely known for their decadent designs, impressive sales, and mixed reviews from those who have bought from them.

Beginning with a primary focus on lingerie pieces, the brand now describe their designs as “boudoir inspired”, which most recently has resulted in the Aristocratic Seduction collection consisting of fantastic dresses and robes accompanied by various accessories. These take the concept of underwear as outerwear to new levels, taking inspiration from the most extravagant lingerie you can think of, before compiling these into the tulle, lace, and silk creations of a lingerie addict’s wildest dreams.

Faithfully Yours Set*

Enamoured of You Gown Set*

Making Memories Gown Set*

This is not Amoralle’s first foray into lingerie-inspired evening wear, as over the years their collections have gradually evolved from underwear you could feasibly wear out, into the purpose-designed items we have now been presented with.

Some pieces directly resemble past collections, such as the Lustful Gown Set*, of which the dress* was originally released last year in “Peony” and “Powder” colourways. As part of the Aristocratic Seduction collection the set is available in “Ivory” or “Light Blue”, which seems to go along with a Facebook post by Amoralle describing this as a bridal collection, though their website does not include this descriptor.

Lustful Gown Set*

Gentle Treasure Gown Set*

You Belong to My Heart Gown Set*

If this is a bridal collection, then it is a wonderfully alternative one. The designs feature not only classic white and the familiar ‘something blue’, but also vivid pinks, bronze, and gothic black. Alongside the colour range, Amoralle’s bold use of sheer mesh and lace, ruffled tulle, and ostrich feather trims definitely makes for an incredibly unique bridal look. Paired with gloves, slips and, in one set*, a pair of briefs, this collection consists of truly gorgeous, vintage-esque styling that would make up a beautiful bridal trousseau.

True Love Awaits Gown*

Unbreakable Love Gown Set*

Flames of Passion Gown Set*

The ability to buy this collection in ‘sets’ is new to customers of Amoralle. While I recognise the ease of buying an all-in-one outfit, I personally prefer to buy my items separately as cost and convenience allows.

Alongside this, I am not entirely sure about the pricing of some of these sets, for example: the aforementioned Lustful Gown set is currently retailing at €898 (~£795 / ~$1,009) on the website, consisting of gloves and the dress. However the original Lustful Gown is being sold for €478, with the lace gloves* in a different colourway available for €257, which adds up to €735 altogether.

It may be that the designs use differently sourced fabrics or dyes which make up for the price increase, and there is very limited information on the product descriptions of each, but I would usually expect a small saving when buying a set vs. individually priced items.

Infinite Gown Set*

Stargazing Kimono and Trousers Set*

Stargazing Gown Set*

It is of note that inconsistencies in product descriptions, particularly of fabrics, has been mentioned in many of the Amoralle reviews I have read over the years. I sincerely hope that this is something the designers have taken into consideration and changed with this recent collection – and perhaps why the prices have increased!

It should also be acknowledged that in terms of luxury designs, most of these sets are still rather moderately priced with the lowest coming in at only €389* (~£345 / ~$437) for a tulle and lace gown with lace gloves. Certainly a lot less than many brides pay for their wedding dress.

Tender Kiss Gown Set*

Everlong Gown Set*

The Hidden Pearl Gown Set*

I will forever be slightly apprehensive about buying from Amoralle, and yet with each new collection I will always be tempted again! Their frivolous designs appeal to me on a deep level and it would be a dream come true to wear one of the Aristocratic Seduction collection’s ensembles to a formal event. Or, let’s be honest, even to just be able to walk around my flat wearing one of those robes.

What are your thoughts on Amoralle as a brand? Are you enticed by their decadent designs, or is this more than you can imagine paying for your lingerie?

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Mara April 3, 2020 - 9:16 pm

I own a robe and few gowns, I was lucky enough to snap them at dirt cheap price in the sale at their store.
Wearing them, ah, Id own them all, the draping is magnificiemt, the silk, velvet, even fur. Yet it feels that somehow the “ready to wear” pieces just dont live up to expectations, or maybe im spoiled by owning 4 pieces from this

Estelle Puleston April 3, 2020 - 11:52 pm

Ohhhh I envy you, I wish I had an Amoralle store near enough to visit, or had at least been near one on a holiday!

I bought a sleeveless gown once and it was… okay? Very pretty but not *super* luxurious. I’ve also bought a chemise and bra set and felt the same way about both. But then I see these incredible, over-the-top-glamorous gowns and robes and I still lust after this brand regardless. Maybe, like you say, the ‘premium’ pieces are made to a different standard, e.g. with nicer fabrics or just being cut in a way that makes them feel more luxurious.