Ann Summers Now Does Plus-Size Lingerie

by Estelle Puleston

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Something rather exciting has happened recently – Ann Summers has just gotten a whole lot more plus-size friendly! They’ve extended their lingerie size offering up to a 42H and UK size 24 (UK 30 in costumes), and for what I believe is the first time ever, they’re using plus-sized models to sell product on their website.

For my non-Brit followers and those who aren’t too familiar with Ann Summers, whilst they aren’t the biggest retailer of lingerie, they do have over 140 stores across the UK. To give you an idea of how many that is, the UK only has 69 cities i.e. there’s pretty much an Ann Summers everywhere you look. I’ve never been to a shopping centre that didn’t have one. So to see them finally embrace plus-sized customers in this way is a pretty big deal and may spur other high-street retailers on to follow suit.

They’ve even kept the line on-trend, bringing the same designs and silhouettes they offer to their core-sized customers into the plus-size world, rather than designing a bunch of high-waisted, ‘slimming’ stuff as is sometimes the case with these plus-size lingerie launches. I noted in this post at the start of the year that Ann Summers seemed to be stepping slightly away from their stale, ‘boobs-up-to-her-chin’ trope to embrace a more natural look, and this extends to the new plus-sized collection where there are unsupportive bralettes, bodysuits and chemises galore.

I’m not entirely without criticism of their plus sized range however. Although it technically extends up to a UK 30, the most on-trend, fashionable pieces all seem to max out at a size Large or UK 16-18. In these cases, they haven’t actually extended their size range any, they’ve just introduced a few photos showing what existing pieces look like on a size Large body. When you hit a UK 20, the lingerie selection immediately reduces down to just knickers and one sleep set. Large-back, small-cup sizes are also missing from the range, as wired bras start at a 40D or 42D.

Then there’s the fact that when you hover over the ‘Lingerie’ category on their website, you’re presented with a range of helpful guides on things like bra fit and bra styles. Hover over the ‘Plus Size’ category on the other hand and the only guide on offer is one on how to enhance your body – this seems a little offensive, no?

Surprisingly, I haven’t read a word about this change on any of the lingerie magazines and blogs I follow! Googling doesn’t bring up any press releases. Maybe that’s a good thing – it’s refreshing to see a brand just knuckle down and expand their size offering without all the fanfare of “we’re body positive now, aren’t we amazing?!“. It’s not really something to expect a pat on the back for when you’ve been in the lingerie business for 46 years and have only just made this change. Still, I am glad there’s now one more option for women wanting stylish lingerie beyond a 38-band or UK 16, and quite a budget-friendly one too.

I’d love to hear what my plus-sized readers think about Ann Summers’ new collection! Below are my favourite pieces, and you can click here to see the whole range.



Santana bra, up to 42H, £32 Santata thong, up to UK 24, £16

Santana bra, up to 42H, £32
Santata thong, up to UK 24, £16


Savannah body, up to UK 18, £30

Savannah body, up to UK 18, £30


Stripped bralette, up to Large, £16 Stripped brief, up to Large, £10

Stripped bralette, up to Large, £16
Stripped brief, up to Large, £10


Anais bra, up to 42H, £26 Anais brief, up to UK 22, £14

Anais bra, up to 42H, £26
Anais brief, up to UK 22, £14


Hannah chemise, up to Large, £22

Hannah chemise, up to Large, £22


Voyeur camisole & shorts set, up to UK 20-22, £30

Voyeur camisole & shorts set, up to UK 20-22, £30


Sexy Lace plunge bra, up to 42H, £20 Sexy Lace short, up to UK 24, £8

Sexy Lace plunge bra, up to 42H, £20
Sexy Lace short, up to UK 24, £8


Britney dress, up to L-XL, £20

Britney dress, up to L-XL, £20


Winona bodysuit, up to Large, £25

Winona bodysuit, up to Large, £25


Avril bralette, up to Large, £16 Avril thong, up to Large, £14

Avril bralette, up to Large, £16
Avril thong, up to Large, £14


What do you think of Ann Summers’ plus sized selection? Are you thrilled they now use plus-sized models? Disappointed many pieces still don’t go past a size Large? If you’ve had a chance to try any of the pieces I’d love to know what you think from a fit standpoint too.


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Charli August 16, 2013 - 9:58 am

I think you hit is on the head with the lack of range above a 18 and the patronising messages of how to enhance your body. I have the floral appliqu\E9 bodysuit in an 18 and love it – unfortunately, I do not know why it is categorised at ‘plus size’ as it isn’t an extension of the their core range – just a different model.

I hope to see the range expand but at the moment I’m bitterly disappointed with what AS are calling a ‘plus size range’ when the majority of the ps market are excluded!

C xx

Estelle August 16, 2013 - 10:17 am

Thanks for commenting 🙂

I guess they maybe just wanted to pad out the Plus Size category on their website so it wasn’t just a handful of items! If so I think it’s great that they’ve re-shot these pieces on a size Large model for this purpose. But yes, it’s such as a shame that all the cool bodysuits and bralettes aren’t actually available in sizes any larger than they were before, it feels like somewhat of a half-hearted attempt at a plus size launch 😐

Danika Maia Perman August 16, 2016 - 1:07 pm

I really love the fringe chastise and the stripped attitude set!