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by Estelle Puleston

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ZO Lingerie.

Last summer I received a crop and knickers set from Ukraine-based ZO Lingerie that I loved – you can read the review here. The Azure set I chose was also beautifully made, with wonderful attention to detail and luxury construction techniques, and I liked the brand as a whole because it had a unique point of view.

The focus is on lingerie crop tops which most lingerie brands don’t make and none others specialise in, as far as I’m aware. It felt like designer Zofiia Koltun was taking the current trends for less-supportive and sheer lingerie and turning them into something new and fresh, rather than just designing yet another line of triangle bralettes.

Ajour crop top

Allure crop top

Ajour crop top

Now, she plans to take ZO Lingerie to the next level with a new collection that will retain her signature style but incorporate new colours (her designs have mostly been black to date) and laces. To get there, she has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a fundraising goal of $10,000 (~£8,000) to cover the costs of manufacturing and marketing this new range.

Why support ZO Lingerie’s Kickstarter? All ZO Lingerie products are made with the finest European fabrics, such as lace from the Sophie Hallette and Solstiss houses in France, and are locally handmade by a small team led by Zofiia. And of course, as always, you can get some lovely lingerie goodies in exchange for pledging a donation to the campaign which are currently exclusively available through Kickstarter.

Classical knicker

Sensual bodysuit

Rewards start at a teeny tiny $15 (~£12 / ~13€) for a pair of Classical knickers with pretty pleating detail around the waistband. Available in black or white mesh, they’re an affordable little treat and have a gorgeous, ruched back that fits beautifully and is wonderfully flattering (I know because the knickers on my Azure set have the same design). Although some Kickstarter designs will be sold through the ZO Lingerie website later on, these won’t be so now’s the time to buy.

Make a $40 pledge (~£31 / ~35€) and you can get your hands on the sleek Sensual mesh bodysuit. A $50 or above (~£39 / ~44€) pledge is enough to purchase the Summer Top, a loose cami that I’ll be reviewing on the blog next month. It’s lovely!

Founder and designer, Zofiia Koltun, at work in her studio

Rewards for higher pledges are focussed around ZO Lingerie’s signature crop tops and sets, with earlybird savings for those who support the campaign early on. At the top end of the scale, if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can pledge upwards of $1,200 (~£940 / ~1.065€) and work with Zofiia to design some limited edition lingerie which you’ll not only receive for yourself, but see named after you and sold on her website.

Let me know what your favourite ZO Lingerie design is, and what you’re getting if you’ll be supporting this campaign. You can view the Kickstarter page and pledge your donation here, until 30th July 2017.

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