Apilat’s Dreamy & Decadent Luxury Loungewear

by Estelle Puleston

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I first featured Apilat on the blog in my 2017 round-up of brands making incredible robes, and they’ve only gotten better since. Couture techniques and luxury fabrics are central to their design process, and how could they not be when this label got its start designing wedding dresses? Founded by sisters Galyna and Lyubov in Kiev, Ukraine, Apilat still produces dresses at its atelier, but online its focus has turned to bridal lingerie and loungewear. That’s what you’ll find sold via their website and Etsy boutique*.

Although Apilat creates a handful of shorter garments and the odd bodysuit or bra set, it’s the floor-sweeping robes and gowns where their elegant and dreamy vision really shines. I daresay some of these looks could even pass for actual wedding dresses with the right attitude and styling. Mixed in with the luscious white laces and the nightgowns with sweeping trains however, are a smattering of black and colourful pieces for those after a less bridal vibe – not, of course, that you need to be getting married to indulge in beautiful white loungewear.

Apilat describes itself as “affordable luxury”. The luxury part for sure is there, from exquisite hand-embroidery to time-consuming French seams. “Affordable” of course depends on your budget, but there’s no denying that Apilat’s prices are lower than similar brands (Amoralle is one that springs to mind) – most pieces are priced in the low hundreds, with very few individual items going above $500 or £400. For the amount of work that must go into each piece, that’s pretty remarkable.

(Side note: the prices tend to be slightly lower on the brand’s own website, perhaps due to Etsy’s fees. However, the website gives a standard shipping time of 3 months compared to much shorter Etsy listing estimates – of between 1-2 days and 1-2 weeks – so it’s also possible that the difference is due to the brand prioritising Etsy orders).

If you want to browse more of Apilat’s luscious creations and stay up to date with their new releases, I highly recommend following the brand on Instagram! But first, here are my personal favourites from their loungewear offering:

And one last piece that I simply had to share with you even though it’s now sold out (alas, the shimmering lilac robe featured at the top of this article is sold out too):

What’s your favourite piece? I’m stuck between the glitzy sequins and dramatic ostrich feather sleeves on the robe directly above, and the glistening gold fabric of the Grace robe further up.

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